Connection Tai Chi

Meditation in Motion

Begin your journey to physical and spiritual health by learning a gentle form of Tai Chi that provides body awareness, pain relief, stillness, and much more.

We offer classes in Raleigh, NC


Body, mind and spirit come together
while practicing this ancient art of Tai Chi
that is optimized for health and well-being.

Meditation in Motion

Have you ever tried to meditate but get too antsy? Can’t sit still? Have body aches and pains that make sitting meditation painful? Try Tai Chi! The calming flow of this 108 move set calms the mind while helping your body heal, rather than hurt. You can experience calmness of mind while exercising your body at the same time.

Help your Body Heal Itself

Do you experience pain, soreness, and stiffness in your body? We teach a form of Tai Chi that was developed by Moy Lin Shin that combines several ancient Chinese arts, optimized for health rather than martial arts. We move slowly, yet deliberately, which both stretches and tones the connective tissue throughout your body.

Balance and Flexibility

Do you worry about falling? Do you have trouble getting out of chairs or off the floor? When you practice Tai Chi you will improve your body awareness and balance. The gentle stretching and strengthening will improve your overall agility and allow you to move more freely in your life.

Connection Tai Chi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, promote, and teach Master Moy Lin Shin’s Tai Chi to all who would like to develop and cultivate its many physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. 

Instructors Dedicated to Learning

We are all life long learners who never tire of deepening our understanding of Tai Chi and all it's benefits.

We study extensively with a longtime student of Moy Lin Shin, who developed the health-oriented form of Tai Chi that we practice and teach. Our mission is to bring what we learn to others so that they can enjoy the benefits to mind, body, and spirit that we have experienced ourselves.