Class Guidelines

Please review before your first class so that you understand how our classes will be run. Our goal is to have a fun class environment where everyone is able to learn and improve their health, while also being respectful to the instructor and all students in the class.

  • Attend classes with an open mind. Be patient with yourself, other students, and your instructor.
  • We love to get questions from students and to hear about your experiences. We have found that learning is greatly enhanced if we all work together as a group and community.
  • Talk to your instructor about any questions, difficulties, or experiences related to your practice.
  • Tell the instructor of anything that might interfere with your participation, whether physical, psychological or emotional. If something in the class environment bothers you, let the teacher know. If you disagree with what is being taught, please wait until after the class to discuss it with the teacher privately.
  • Don’t be concerned if you feel you don’t fully understand all the instruction. Over time, you may hear the same material many times. Meanwhile, your body will change as you practice, and the instruction can take on new meaning for you.
  • We generally teach using a three part method:
    • The instructor demonstrates the move, foundation, or other concept. Please do not try to copy their moves, just watch.
    • The instructor and students do the movement together several times.
    • The instructor watches while the students do the movement on their own. Struggling at first is key to learning!
  • There is only one instructor in each class. Please do not correct or advise others during or after class, and avoid talking to other students while the instructor is demonstrating or speaking.
  • Show respect to all by being punctual or by arriving early.
  • We strongly encourage practicing at home! The more you put into it, the more positive changes you will experience. We have an extensive Resources section on our website.
  • We appreciate being notified if you’re not able to make a class. If you plan to stop coming to classes, please also let your instructor know.