woman doing tai chi outside

Carolyn fell in love with Tai Chi more than 12 years ago when she realized that it was meditation in motion and, despite being older, her health improved dramatically. Excited to share this internal art, Carolyn taught Tai Chi in the style of Moy Lin Shin through a large international organization, including at the Unity Church of Raleigh for about 3 years. She also enriched her practice and knowledge of the internal arts under the guidance of a longtime instructor of the same lineage. Carolyn is a retired psychotherapist and enjoys sitting meditation and spiritual study.

Carolyn teaches at the Unity Holistic Wellness Center in Raleigh.

woman doing tai chi

De (Deanne) has been studying and practicing Tai Chi as a student and instructor for many years. Her advancement in this art under the close guidance of a direct student of Moy Lin Shin has brought her numerous benefits to the mind, body and spirit, along with a desire to share these with others. Her goal is to help people gain the health, vitality, and calmness of mind that she feels when practicing Tai Chi. To enhance her knowledge of the internal arts, she also studies the complementary ancient Chinese internal arts of Liu He Ba Fa and Yi Quan.

De teaches at the Unity Holistic Wellness Center in Raleigh.

woman doing tai chi in garden

Thressa’s introduction to Tai Chi 7 years ago was experiencing the ability of this healing art to restore the full range of motion to her husband’s hands and arms after severe burns had caused debilitating contractures. After only 3 months of practice, Thressa also found relief from chronic upper back and neck pain and tingling/numbness in one arm and three fingers caused by full days spent working at a computer. As her practice and understanding of this and other ancient Chinese internal arts deepened over the years, she became dedicated to sharing them with everyone.

Thressa currently teaches Tai Chi classes at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of New Bern (UUFNB) for Tai Chi practitioners of all levels.