New Bern: New classes starting Sept 8

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Starting September 8, we will be offering 3 classes to broaden the scope of the types of classes that may interest you:

Beginners: Learn and practice the first 17 moves. No experience needed, but must attend either September 8 or 15 class to be enrolled. Otherwise, the next Beginners class starts in January. This class is suitable for people who want to improve their mobility, alignment, balance, strength, and flexibility by learning the first 17 moves of the tai chi set. The pace will be slow, with the focus on lots of practice for each move and the transitions to the next move so that by December you will feel confident practicing this entire 17-move short form by yourself and with the group.

Tai Chi Principles for Everyone (previously known as foundations and standing postures): Learn how to align and relax your body using standing postures and gentle movements to gain your greatest, balance, strength, flexibility, and health. This class is appropriate for anyone who can stand and who wants to understand intellectually/physically how tai chi as developed by Master Moy Lin-Shin improves your health all the way down to the cellular level. We will learn a bit about the various martial and healing art forms that have been incorporated into Master Moy’s tai chi and how they inform the tai chi set as well as improve our physical and mental health. Master Moy’s tai chi is the ONLY one that incorporates these foundational exercises and standing postures into the tai chi practice.  Many tai chi practitioners used only these foundation exercises and standing postures to stay healthy during the pandemic. You can make this class as quiet or dynamic as you like! Meaning, you can work on how to really relax or you can really work up a sweat, all while standing in one spot!

Please attend either September 8 or 15 class to be enrolled. 

Beyond Basics: Learn and practice the full tai chi set. Completion of Beginners class or instructor OK is required; concurrent Tai Chi Principles class highly recommended.

The Class schedule is as follows; all classes are each Friday beginning September 8 and going until about December 15th:

2:00-3:00  Beginners

3:15-4:00  Tai Chi Principles

4:00-5:00  Beyond Basics

$5.00 Donation per person each Friday attended, whether you join 1, 2, or all 3 classes that day. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes without a lot of traction.

I look forward to seeing and practicing with you in September!